Freddie Justice DECA Specific Press Kit

I probably don't need to say this to DECA folks, but just in case. PROMOTION IS EVERYTHING in successful attendance for anything. And you don't need to promote as much for attendance for my hypnosis show, but to promote my show to increase attendance to your overall event.

Below are some posters for you to consider. They have white spaces to write in or load in your own Photoshop and add the details desired.

Generic Poster Files

These are Generic Poster Files (see links below posters to find more specific posters for DECA, Entertainment Planning Committee, Parent Committee, Student Council, Fundraiser Team).

Click on the poster file you want and allow it to load in your browser. They are larger files to provide quality in order for you to use for editing or printing in high quality. Right click when the larger pic loads and save to your browser.

You can print and write in your info for easy posters. OR, download and load into your photo editing program like Photoshop and add the info that way before you print. Doing it this way also allows you to share on social media and even by email.

DECA Specific Posters & Items

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Freddie Justice, Planet's Funniest Hypnotist OR

The Planet's Funniest Hypnotist Freddie Justice


The AWE Group

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DECA Specific Comments:

"I LOVE doing events for DECA groups! As an entertainer, the energy level is always amazing. As a business owner, I'm proud to see the hard work they are doing and honored to entertain for the future leaders!"


Freddie Justice is a HIGH ENERGY, DYNAMIC ENTERTAINER celebrating his 10TH YEAR as a stage hypnotist! He entertains audiences throughout the country who leave his shows with smiling faces and lots of memories. His COMEDY IMPROV style of hypnosis shows allows for a more broad dynamic to truly utilize the personalities of his volunteers. Attendee or volunteer, its a GREAT PERFORMANCE from any seat in the house. There's a reason Freddie just called THE PLANET'S FUNNIEST HYPNOTIST!!!

Originally from the small town of Red Wing, Minnesota, he still calls the Land of 10,000 Lakes his home where he lives with his wife, thee boys and two fantastic dogs. Originally into Restaurant management, he became a police officer for 10 years where he had to retire due to an injury. Freddie says he kind of fell into the entertainment world and knew he found his calling as a Comedy Hypnotist.

Videos for Promotion

**a semi custom video may also be available for promotion. Contact the office to find out more

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