About Freddie...

4Freddie Justice is a HIGH ENERGY, DYNAMIC ENTERTAINER celebrating his 14TH YEAR as a stage hypnotist! He entertains audiences throughout the country who leave his shows with smiling faces and lots of memories. His COMEDY IMPROV style of hypnosis shows allows for a more broad dynamic to truly utilize the personalities of his volunteers. Attendee or volunteer, its a GREAT PERFORMANCE from any seat in the house. There's a reason Freddie just called THE PLANET'S FUNNIEST HYPNOTIST!!!

Freddie is an accomplished entertainer who's been entertaining crowds for over a decade. Trained in Stage Hypnotism, Mentalism and Improv Comedy, he brings a unique blend of hypnotic techniques and improvisational skills. He combines them with the individual personalities of his volunteers to create moments of laughter & fun crowds talk about for quite some time. Freddie LOVES interacting with the people at his shows and says he's blessed to be able to meet and talk to so many unique people. And even more so, he enjoys watching and hearing the pure fun his guests experience, because people LOVE to laugh!

Freddie is originally from Minnesota (where he currently lives) and has lived in Texas, as well as spent summers as a kid in Wisconsin. His favorite states are Minnesota & Texas, but loved the area that his mother lived in Maryland. He loves to travel to the many areas his events take him to. He has a wonderful family which includes his wife, 3 boys and two dogs he's crazy about!

Freddie has a passion to help people. Help through through laughter and helping them look inside themselves. He is a retired Deputy Sheriff where that same drive to help people kept him motivated. Now he performs and speaks all over the country delivering laughter and his message to thousands.


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