Questions & Answers about Hypnosis and Freddie's Shows...

  • Is Hypnosis Real and how does it work?

    YES! Hypnosis is real. Basically, its a normal, natural state of mind. The best way to explain it it that it's a state of focused, but relaxed, concentration, which makes your subconscious more available to suggestion.

  • If I am Hypnotized, will I know what I am doing?

    YES. Contrary to what is generally believed, when you are hypnotized, you ARE NOT asleep. Instead, you are in a focused form of concentration. Although your subconscious is more open to suggestion, we can't make you do what you won't do. During the show, volunteers actually are aware of exactly what they are doing and they will actually remember everything that occurred during the show.
  • Can I get stuck in Hypnosis (hypnotic trance)?

    NO!!! If you were brought down into a hypnotic trance and then the hypnotist left the room, you would just transition into a normal REM sleep and eventually wake feeling refreshed.

  • Can someone be made to do something against their will?

    NO. The Volunteers have control over their actions and aware of what they are doing during the show. If a suggestion was something that was against what they would do, they just won't do it. And no one can be hypnotized against their will.

  • How long are the shows & what are the requirements?

    Shows usually last 60 to 90 minutes. Requirements vary depending on the situation, but generally we will need a 24 x 20 staging area that is well lit for volunteers to perform the skits, 10-20 chairs (straight back and armless are preferred) & a table. Depending on the situation, other requirements may be staging, sound system, wireless microphone & possibly hotel & travel expenses. and what we are contracted for.

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