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Hypnosis Show DVD $30

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County Fair Hypnotist Freddie Justice
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Lose Weight & Feel Great! [CD] $25

You’ve tried a variety of options to gain control of your weight and exercise programs with not luck and its frustrating. Why? Because you need to reprogram your patterns and your habits. This will help. This is our starter, budget friendly option to help you get started with reprogramming of those patterns and habits.


Stop Smoking Now! [CD] $25

People are more motivated than ever to kick that nasty smoking habit. New laws and more education about the harms of tobacco have triggered this, especially with the ridiculous cost of smoking! When you are trying to kick the habit you are dealing with triggers such as stress, drinking, boredom, etc. Let me help with reprogramming those patterns and habits so that the triggers no longer have the power and the pull like they have been.

Lose Weight And Feel Great & Stop Smoking Now! [2 CD Set] $35

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