Is Hypnosis Really Real? Really???

Ahhhh, the eternal question that will be asked of any hypnotist and often! I was meeting with my videographer recently to discuss an upcoming promo video and met at a local restaurant at their bar. While discussing a guy sitting next to me tapped me on my shoulder and said “did I hear you say you were a hypnotist”. I replied affirmatively, of course. He got a look on his face and hesitated. Before his next words came out, I said “Yes…yes its real” he still replied “Really???”  Its not a question I’m offended or bothered by and its a question EVERY hypnotist has gotten and will get until the end of time.  Hypnosis is such an intriguing art form, especially for those that aren’t involved in it.

So let’s answer with a big fat YES! Yes, Hypnosis is real. You’ll get a different answer out of different people who have different levels of training and experience. You might get different understandings from a Stage Hypnotist vs a person involved in Hypnotherapy. No matter what, it is agreed to any of those who have studied it, that hypnosis is real. Well, except for one hypnotist in the UK who says its actually not real. But he charges people to teach them to be hypnotists….so…..

I generally believe that there are 3 main reasons why people are skeptical about hypnosis:

  1. Because, well, its just strange and unbelievable to so many
  2. Because either they or a friend “have tried to be hypnotized & it didn’t work”
  3. Or, because they’ve seen a show where it was obvious people weren’t out and/or were faking

Regardless, hypnosis itself is absolutely real. Besides the fun stage hypnosis events that happen every year, there are thousands and thousands of people being helped through hypnosis to Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Tackle Phobia’s, Heal Pain and more!  There are actually even practical uses for hypnosis as an anesthetic for medical and dental procedures.  Our minds are a powerful organ once we start to actually use them in more advanced ways.  With Stage and Comedy Hypnosis, hypnotists are given a very short period of time to drop a large amount of people, all while keeping it entertaining. So in that limited time, hypnotists just don’t have the time to spend bringing each individual down deep into that hypnotic trance. Generally they are going to focus on those that go down the easiest, the fastest, for the benefit of the show. With hypnotherapy they are able to take more time to bring the client down deeper. And sometimes there are cases where people just aren’t going to go down because of attitude, young ages, intoxicants or even situations of mental or emotional handicap.  But those who actually “can’t” are far and few between. If you can learn you are suggestible and should be able to be hypnotized.

Freddie’s Blog is intended for those curious about Hypnotist Freddie Justice & The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show, and basics about the Hypnosis World.  These blogs are in no way intended to be used as a training tool for hypnosis itself. These are for light, fun exposure to Freddie’s hypnotic world.


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