Is Hypnosis Really Real? Really???

Ahhhh, the eternal question that will be asked of any hypnotist and often! I was meeting with my videographer recently to discuss an upcoming promo video and met at a local restaurant at their bar. While discussing a guy sitting next to me tapped me on my shoulder and said “did I hear you say you were a hypnotist”. I replied affirmatively, of course. He got a look on his face and hesitated. Before his next words came out, I said “Yes…yes its real” he still replied “Really???”  Its not a question I’m offended or bothered by and its a question EVERY hypnotist has gotten and will get until the end of time.  Hypnosis is such an intriguing art form, especially for those that aren’t involved in it.

So let’s answer with a big fat YES! Yes, Hypnosis is real. You’ll get a different answer out of different people who have different levels of training and experience. You might get different understandings from a Stage Hypnotist vs a person involved in Hypnotherapy. No matter what, it is agreed to any of those who have studied it, that hypnosis is real. Well, except for one hypnotist in the UK who says its actually not real. But he charges people to teach them to be hypnotists….so…..

I generally believe that there are 3 main reasons why people are skeptical about hypnosis:

  1. Because, well, its just strange and unbelievable to so many
  2. Because either they or a friend “have tried to be hypnotized & it didn’t work”
  3. Or, because they’ve seen a show where it was obvious people weren’t out and/or were faking

Regardless, hypnosis itself is absolutely real. Besides the fun stage hypnosis events that happen every year, there are thousands and thousands of people being helped through hypnosis to Lose Weight, Quit Smoking, Tackle Phobia’s, Heal Pain and more!  There are actually even practical uses for hypnosis as an anesthetic for medical and dental procedures.  Our minds are a powerful organ once we start to actually use them in more advanced ways.  With Stage and Comedy Hypnosis, hypnotists are given a very short period of time to drop a large amount of people, all while keeping it entertaining. So in that limited time, hypnotists just don’t have the time to spend bringing each individual down deep into that hypnotic trance. Generally they are going to focus on those that go down the easiest, the fastest, for the benefit of the show. With hypnotherapy they are able to take more time to bring the client down deeper. And sometimes there are cases where people just aren’t going to go down because of attitude, young ages, intoxicants or even situations of mental or emotional handicap.  But those who actually “can’t” are far and few between. If you can learn you are suggestible and should be able to be hypnotized.

Freddie’s Blog is intended for those curious about Hypnotist Freddie Justice & The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show, and basics about the Hypnosis World.  These blogs are in no way intended to be used as a training tool for hypnosis itself. These are for light, fun exposure to Freddie’s hypnotic world.


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What Makes It A Great Hypnosis Show?

Pick THE RIGHT PERFORMER for your event is the best way to start a GREAT Hypnosis Show. It may just save your event and your reputation.  Here’s a video we put together to answer many questions I get regarding choosing a hypnotist.

What makes a great hypnosis show can often depend on many factors. One of my training mentors, Las Vegas Hypnotist Justin Tranz, often speaks about people that come up after his shows and tell him how wonderful the show was. He thanks them but also follows up with a question about how many other hypnotists they have seen, and even the names of the hypnotists. He says that often they will say this is their first hypnosis show experience.  As flattered as he is by their compliments, his feelings are that its only a real compliment if they have seen other hypnotists to get a comparison. And he’s right!  I received a compliment from a venue manager just last night after seeing a weeks worth of other hypnotists for other Senior All Night Parties. That was a compliment that I knew was genuine.  And if they haven’t had another hypnosis exposure, I thank them and encourage them to go to other hypnosis show and get a real idea of the difference.

Basically, if a person hasn’t ever seen a hypnosis show, most often they are in awe of hypnosis itself, as well as the activities that happen up on stage with the volunteers. But, based on that judgement, it is pretty easy to swap out any hypnotist and that person will likely have the same feeling. A Hypnotists reputation can truly shine when the person making the judgement has seen other hypnotists. Similar to when you are 16 & finally get to drive your first car solo, it really doesn’t matter what car you drive. Its the greatest thing in the world. But once you’ve experienced driving a better car, you can truly make the comparison with distinction.

Unlike with a car you have purchased already, you have choices with your entertainment. Do your homework and choose the right hypnotist, the right personality and the right type. A bad, or sub-standard hypnotist, is more like the car that you have to drive when you are younger but you would rather be driving the newer, better car.  Its like the idea of expecting a nicer breakfast, only to be served small boxes of cereal and milk at a celebration. Its food you eat happily every other day of the year, but for a special event, knowing or expecting better, you hope for that better breakfast experience. 

Important components that affect how to make a GREAT hypnosis show:

  • The TYPE OF EVENT the show is for
  • The SOUND QUALITY of the show

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Obviously a Grad Party and Birthday Party for a 60 year old are different, just as they are different than a Corporate Event. All have very similar components, but also important variations to keep in mind.


It can be argued that, as Hypnotists, we all do the same thing. And I guess this is true. But the style & personality actually can make or break a show, and certainly is a big part of a difference between an OK show and a GREAT show.  Hypnotists will often market that they are not the center of the show & the show is all about the volunteers. And it is. But what about those days that its “one of those crowds”? The Style & Personality of the Hypnotist is an important component to making sure that ANY type of group can connect and be entertained during the entire show.  And while we are on the subject, if you are checking out promo videos and there is no speaking and only “sizzle” on the video, you aren’t being shown they style and personality. DON’T BE FOOLED by distraction techniques!


Quality of sound is important for ANY type of performance event. Some performers require the client to provide part or all of the sound. Others will bring their own sound system. I myself have built a professional system that works with powered speakers (which I also bring) or it can hybrid into a system like an auditorium sound setup.  I include sound production in my rates is because it guarantees that the sound quality will be to my standards. It also benefits me as a selling tool so that potential clients don’t have to deal with the headache & expense of providing sound. “But my banquet venue has overhead speakers and a mic we can give you” is something often heard as people try to get the price lowered. The banquet venue sound systems are designed for presentations & speeches, not performances like a live hypnosis show. Venue systems will often distort, making the hypnotist less able to be heard clearly.  One great example is a hypnosis event my son attended recently. Instead of bringing quality sound,  the Hypnotist used the Venue’s mic system. My son said that it was really hard to hear the hypnotist because of the distortion. On top of that, instead of having a quality system for music, the Hypnotist brought a boom box type radio to play the music for the show. A quality sound system where the audio of music & microphone through the same speakers is always a better production value, ultimately bettering your show and your guests experiences.


This isn’t something that is part of the booking process but is an important component of the show its self. We often get stuck in odd setups and we deal with them with positive response. But to help better your show experience, working with your entertainer ahead of time to help create the best experience, within the limitation of your space & budget, will make your life better and your event better.

Freddie’s Blog is intended for those curious about Hypnotist Freddie Justice & The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show, and basics about the Hypnosis World.  These blogs are in no way intended to be used as a training tool for hypnosis itself. These are for light, fun exposure to Freddie’s hypnotic world.

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Fun-D-raiser Nets Almost $25,000

The Mary Moon Foundation recently reported that the “Make A Splash 2015” at the Water Park of America on Sunday March 8, 2015 was a huge success and raised almost $25,000 for their foundation.

I love being able to help with a variety of causes while providing memorable entertainment for the guests. The small cover charge provided people with all afternoon access to the water park, food, HUGE silent auction, DJ Sarge spinning the tunes, and, of course, The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show.


The Mary Moon Foundation was founded by Christine & Peter O’Keefe in memory of their daughter Mary Jacqueline O’Keefe, nicknamed “Moon.” Mary loved participating in arts and crafts and a variety of games and other activities while she spent a large portion of her final year in the hospital fighting neuroblastoma. Our mission is to conduct fundraising events to help finance art supplies, toys and games for the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital to help children enjoy life as much as every child should.

Mary and her mother, Christine, enjoyed many activities during Mary’s hospital stays. Mary participated in the hospital’s beads of courage program, and Christine continued to add beads to make bracelets and necklaces with Mary during time at home. They shared their creations with families and friends. Mary was fortunate to have a strong family support team whether that was mom’s artistic ability to make things like a chandelier from construction paper and paper towel rolls, or Grandma Jackie bringing Legos and animal figurines. We also had many friends that supported us with games and activities to help keep Mary occupied and growing cognitively.

Christine and I were fortunate to have such great support from our family, friends and employers, we are very grateful. There are many children whose family and resources are much more limited. One child I vividly recall had no family members with him during much of the time; how sad for both he and for his family who were unable to be there. Many days this child sat alone at his door in a little red wagon with his IV pole. The nurses would place this three year old there so he could watch all the activities in the hallway.

There is always a limit to what a hospital can provide. There is often a child going “without.” The impact made by Child Family Life (their people, activities and materials) is of great value to families. We want to help hospitalized children to be able to participate in normal childhood events and feel extra special.

You can find out more about this great cause and ways to help them by visiting their Facebook Page or Website.

Thank you to all those that came out and supported this event.

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Freddie’s Blog is intended for those curious about Hypnotist Freddie Justice & The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show, and basics about the Hypnosis World.  These blogs are in no way intended to be used as a training tool for hypnosis itself. These are for light, fun exposure to Freddie’s hypnotic world.

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Who is Freddie Justice Anyway?

This is my first official post since we revamped my website. I’ll be working hard to keep the blog fresh and post every 2-4 weeks, sometimes sooner. I hope you find them helpful, educational and entertaining.

So who is Freddie Justice anyway?  I thought the first blog would be a great introduction post. Freddie Justice is the stage name and alter ego of Dustin Reichert, yup that’s me too. I am a retired Deputy Sheriff who worked for 2 different agencies in Minnesota. I retired in 2005 after 7 years with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office after being injured in a violent shooting. Ultimately it was the best move based on my injuries and the experience that followed. After retirement I worked for, and eventuall purchased, a DJ Entertainment company that expanded into a flourishing DJ, Photobooth & Lighting Entertainment Company, and, ultimately, a hypnotist. I have a beautiful wife and 3 fantastic sons, a dog I adore and a cat, well she’s pretty cool for a cat.


As an accomplished entertainer I became interested in hypnosis in 2005. I had just bought into a DJ Entertainment company and also signed up to attend Hypnosis Training in Las Vegas. Since I take on any project and consume it, I realized that I was overwhelming myself by taking on the task of rebuilding the company I had just purchased and took on training to become a new type of performer. So I left Vegas before the first days start and promised I would be back. In the mean time, I continued to study hypnosis in the background. I tried a home study course, but felt that it wasn’t strong enough learning to have a true understanding of the art of hypnosis. Ultimately I returned to Las Vegas and completed my training and was certified by the Stage Hypnosis Center in 2009.

2009_04_29 Hypnosis Training (1) (5)2009_04_29 Hypnosis Training (1) (1)3510784710_09b8a0ee9b2009 Hypno Class

Stage Hypnosis went well for me and I did as many shows and got as many experiences as possible. It helped having a lot of experience in stage performance and entertainment. I always felt like something was missing and I knew there were holes in my production and my techniques. So in 2010 I started taking Comedy Improv training with Comedy Sportz in Minneapolis. After completing all 3 levels over the next couple of years and ultimately joining the Comedy Sportz Recreational League, which I’m proudly still a part of today. In 2014 I returned to Las Vegas and began training and mentoring under Las Vegas performing hypnotist Justin Tranz. The combination has proven to pay off. The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show was reborn and reputation soared.


I continue to work, train and network with hypnotists all over the county and even the world. I continue to be on an everlasting quest for knowledge and understanding, especially for always working to improve my hypnosis and stage performance. And recently self help options through hypnosis. I believe that when a person stops learning, they degenerate. Especially for performance.

Today I proudly perform for thousands of audience members a year and LOVE every minute of it. Small groups to gigantic groups, I try to make sure the entertainment value stays top notch. My clients and audiences deserve that.

So welcome to the world of Freddie Justice and the world of Hypnosis. Whether for a fun hypnosis show, a speaking event or to help with life improvement needs, I look forward to meeting and working with you in the near future.

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Freddie’s Blog is intended for those curious about Hypnotist Freddie Justice & The Freddie Justice Comedy Hypnosis Show, and basics about the Hypnosis World.  These blogs are in no way intended to be used as a training tool for hypnosis itself. These are for light, fun exposure to Freddie’s hypnotic world.


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